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Snow Wand by DIY Science Kit


Energy Conversion and Power Distribution Science Kit

Introducing the world's first linkable hand-cranked snow dome! Invented by our inventors, this science kit surely will trigger your curiosity about the physics of energy conservation, power distribution, and electrostatics. To operate the Snow Wand, no battery is needed. You just need to power it yourself! Simply crank the handle and generate a SNOW STORM in a dome. How fast can you crank?

Let's get cranking!

This kit will let you explore your construction and electrical skills while learning about generators, motors, and LEDs. Once you complete the build, connect your wands to your friend's and this is where the real fun begins! Help each other, synchronize, explore, observe, think, and experiment together! Rub the dome with your hair, what happen to the snow balls? Try touching the dome. Now what happens?

Available in Tokopedia

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