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Eden Steven, Ph.D.


Director and Science Content Creator


(2007-2012) Ph.D. in Physics, Florida State University
Thesis: Physical Properties of Organic and Biomaterials: Fundamentals and Applications (Advisor: late Prof. James S. Brooks)
(2002-2006) B.Sc. in Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison
(2002-2006) B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison


  1. Best Poster Presentation Award, 12th International Symposium on Modern Optics and Its Applications, Jakarta, Indonesia (2019).

  2. Dean of Art and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship, Florida State University (2013-2016).

  3. J.W. Nelson Endowment, Physics Department, Florida State University (2012).

  4. 3rd place for best poster presentation award in International School and Symposium on Multifunctional Molecule-based Materials, Argonne National Laboratory (2011).


  • Multifunctional materials development for electronics and biomedical applications.

  • Natural materials research: extraction, purification, processing, structure-property relationship.

  • Scientific instrumentation development

  • Cryogenic physics

  • Black solider fly-based materials development


  1. Project management

  2. Physical, mechanical, thermal, optical characterization of materials

  3. Cryogenics and superconductors

  4. Organic conductor devices

  5. Graphene/CNT devices

  6. Silk processing and devices

  7. Lithography and microfluidics

  8. Black soldier fly-based materials processing

  9. Chitosan and Alginate processing

  10. Nanocomposite fabrication

  11. Nanoparticle synthesis and characterization

  12. LabView programming

  13. Igor Pro


  1. Air-aid, A smart-antipollution mask and integration of air quality mapping

  2. Design and Construction of Quadcopter-based Cold Chain Delivery System

  3. Solar Lantern

  4. UPH Phone based on Arduino


  1. Ray Andrew O. S., Jason K. Adhinarta, Edmund Anderson and Eden Steven, "Computer Vision-Based Palm Full Fruit Bunch Automated Grader." [Manuscript in Preparation]

  2. Wijaya, S.P., Rusli, F., Kontaria, G.K., Tinambunan, A., Meliala, E.G., Steven, E. (TBA) Synergy of Silk and Alginate as Multifunctional Matrix via Solvent/Cross-Linker Duality of CaCl2 [Manuscript Ready]

  3. Jason K. Adhinarta, Eric Jobiliong, Muhandis Shiddiq, Henri P. Uranus and Eden Steven, “Light storage and thermal-assisted switching of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+,” Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials. (2019).

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  1. Metode Robotik untuk Memantau, Menghidrasi, Melatih Pertumbuhan Jamur Baru dan Mengobati Infeksi Bakteri atau Jamur pada Kultur Jamur Baru untuk Menghasilkan Jaringan Lateral yang Padat Seperti Lembaran dari Bahan Jamur. (Patent Pending, P00202009416, Indonesia, Submitted 2020).
    Translation: A Robotic Method of Monitoring, Hydrating, Training, and Treating Bacterial or Fungal Infections of New-Growth Fungal Cultures to Produce Densified Sheet-Like Lateral Networks of Fungal Materials

  2. Metode Pembiakan Larva Lalat Tentara Hitam (Black Soldier Fly) secara Sirkular Menggunakan Tanda Kosong Kelapa Sawit yang Ditingkatkan Kadar Proteinnya sebagai Substrat Biak dan Bahan Pakan. (Patent Pending, P00202007080, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Method for Circular Rearing of Black Soldier Fly with Protein Improved Empty Fruit Bunch as Rearing Substrate and Feedstock

  3. Proses Pembuatan Bahan Kulit Sintetik yang Biodegradabel Berbasis Tandan Kosong Kelapa Sawit dengan Pengikat Polimer Alami dan Produk yang Dihasilkannya. (Patent Pending, P00202002332, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Fabrication Method of Biodegradable Synthetic Leather from Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) with Natural Polymer Binders and Its Ensuing Products

  4. Metode Pembuatan Biokomposit Multifungsional Berbasis Serat Sutra dan Natrium Alginat Tanpa Purifikasi Osmosis dan Produk yang Dihasilkannya. (Patent Pending, P00202002325, Indonesia, Submitted 2020)
    Translation: Fabrication Method of Multifunctional Bio-Composite from Silk and Sodium Alginate Devoid of Any Osmotic Purification and Its Ensuing Products

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