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Marine Gel Science Kit

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Bring the wonder of the sea home with ‘Marine Gel’! Emmerich Invention specially crafted Marine Gel for 3+ young kids to play and learn about instant gel-making. It’s as easy as mixing two kinds of liquids and, voila! A gel is coming to life. Of course, behind the seemingly magical gel-making process is science!


There’s always something to be admired from our nature, such as the seaweed-derived materials, alginate. Emmerich Invention’s Marine Gel Science Kit utilizes alginate to bring the wonder of the sea home for kids to experience. This Marine Gel kit is for young children to explore basic chemistry reaction (just like our other kit, Fizzy Fun!). In this kit, our special gel formulation has allowed for a stronger gel to play with! Moreover, the gel keeps its color when stored in water. We also provide animal molds to educate children about some animals that live in the sea. So, get ready to make animal-shaped gel!

Marine Gel Science Kit

The kit also comes with a simple science explanation behind the experiment. The main ingredient is available in 3 colors to let children exercise their creativity. A simple scientific explanation behind gel making is provided in the instruction book. Last but not least, let’s stay curious and have fun!

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