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Space Gel Emmerich Science Kit


Unleash your creativiy from the comfort of your homes. Explore our step-by-step instruction cards that will guide you through a magical journey of the wonders of science. Let's have fun!

Ready, set, glow! ​

The Space Gel Emmerich Science Kit exposes your children to the world of multidisciplinary science in a fun, intriguing, and safe ways. From witnessing and experimenting with glow-in-the-dark effects which is really a quantum physics phenomenon to making your own seaweed based biodegradable instant gel, the Space Gel is surely one of the most beautiful and curious science experiment related to physics and chemistry. All the ingredients are carefully tuned and prepared to ensure their safety for handling with our bare hands. Our proprietary solution formulation by our in-house researchers ensures the best experience your children can get in experimenting with the seaweed based instant gel science. ​

The kit also comes with educational supporting documents in a fun and interactive forms to introduce the science behind the experiment that is accurate but also easy to understand. Answer the challenge card to unlock the theory behind the wonderful experiments. Explore the easy-to-use periodic table of elements to ignite the chemist within you.

Available in Tokopedia

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