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Paper Recycling Lab


Paper Recycling Lab Science Kit

Used paper does not always have to end up in the trash piling the landfill. In fact, there is a way to recycle used paper without us possessing a paper factory! Recycling helps to reduce the amount of paper going to the landfill. Moreover, it can give a paper a new artsy look! Thus, paper recycling activity is very popular among many people.


Through this activity, participants will discover the simplified principle and technology behind papermaking. They will learn how to make pulp of paper--rip, dip, mix! They will be mixing the pulp with water, *corn flour* solution, and *colored* solution. Then, the participant will work with our specialized mold and deckle to make sheets of paper. After squeezing water out of the paper and rolling/pressing it thin, the sheet of paper will be ready to be dried. Simple and fun!

Participants will also get to explore the effects of adding binders and coating to their recycled paper! We have selected two food-safe materials as the binder and coating agent, starch and gelatin. So experiment away!


Note, the tricky part: be careful not to break the paper throughout the process! And... to add to the fun, participants can optionally add decorative materials into their paper pulp, like flower petals or plant seeds. The activity is all finished when the paper is dry and ready to be used! Many people usually use it as greeting cards, gift tags, quotes cards…, but to be sure, participants can have their own way for it!

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