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INVENTOR Lab: How Things Work course is designed with Grade 5-12 students in mind. If you are looking to pique your teenagers’ interest in understanding how devices work, look no further! Through this "Make Your Own Mini Factory", students will dissect in detail the inner-workings of basic circuitry and technologies commonly found in their daily lives. They will then apply the knowledge gained and make their very own devices. The course module comes with a specially devised inventor tool kit to ensure that students get to experience what real engineers do and use.

In this December edition, young inventors will make inventions using solar powered systems, various fan and lamp systems (activated by different means) and an emergency map system to be used during a blackout. No prior experience is necessary.

Note: level of difficulty will be adjusted according to age and level, i.e. the grade 11-12 students will learn in much more depth regarding the topics compared to the grade 5-6 students.

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