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Fizzy Fun Science Kit


Fizzy Fun Science Kit

Hear the sound… fizz… fizz… FIZZ! And look, bubbles! Yes, please!

Designed for kids as young as 3 years old, Fizzy Fun can be an easy and safe alternative for children to play with! A great way to introduce children to basic science reactions hassle-free. The Fizzy Fun Emmerich Science Kit let your children explore the nature of chemical reaction. One compound mix with another compound and VOILA! It produces another thing! Such is the way with nature since ancient age. What is better than giving children their own personal experience on chemistry reactions? Complemented with a compound of 3 primary colors, children can have their own “mix and match” and produce other secondary colors while playing with this kit. All the ingredients children will use are usually found in foods and common household materials, so it is safe. Plus, they produce no strong smell AT ALL! Our original, 3-D printed rack set will also make everything convenient!

The kit also comes with a simple science explanation behind the experiment. Children will not only exercise their sensory and motoric skills, but also thinking skills as they wonder what happens! Don’t forget, explore more about the reaction by doing challenges provided!

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