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Circuitree - Artistic Recordable Electronics Tree


Special Gift Series

Introducing one of the most beautiful circuit board arrangements invented by our engineers, the Circuitree is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Featuring a unique combination of art, electronics, and voice-recordable modules, the Circuitree gives a unique experience to the users regardless of age. It is a heartfelt, fun, educational, and beautiful device. Infuse the device with your voice, send it to your loved ones, and let them enjoy. Besides the voice-recording capabilities, the Circuitree also features three of the most important light modules used in modern display technologies. To add to the fun, we have included a simple step by step instructions to how to assemble the tree yourself. Get the satisfaction of assembling the tree and customize the light arrangement.

This unique gift features:

  1. Voice-recordable module.

  2. Running LEDs educational and customizable module.

  3. Educational tunable RGB LEDs mood lights.

  4. Educational sensor-activated LED module.

Top 5 use of the Circuitree:

1. As a love letter.

2. Laptop companion as task reminder.

3. Beautiful night lamp.

4. Learning about electronics and sensors.

5. Stress-relief mood light display.

Check out our video instruction below for more information on the simple steps to:

  • Record your voice message.

  • Playback stored message.

  • Stack the tree modules.

  • Tune the circuit modules (running LED speed, RGB mood light color, light sensor sensitivity).

Available on Tokopedia

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